We are developing a modern tool for real estate presentations for investors and developers

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We plan and visualize,
You sell

Based on the provided requirements and the design of the building, we will prepare a fully interactive visualization that will meet your needs and expectations.



Together, we will prepare a project brief and plan the perfect model that will allow you to start sales long before the completion of the investment project.


3D visualization

Life-like building! Thanks to our skills and experience, the model of your project will stand out in terms of the quality of graphics, realism and exceptional features tailored to the needs of your customers.


Launching sales

Statistics, e-mail marketing, integration with a CRM system. Thanks to the set of modern sales tools you can easily reach clients and keep in touch with them.


An application created
for the sale of real estate


A new type of experience

Virtual reality and touch screens bring a new quality of interaction. Use these technologies to let your clients see the buildings.


Realistic 3D graphics

Our rich experience in the implementation of VR projects has taught us to achieve the best effects in the creation of three-dimensional graphics.


Branding promotion

Let your brand stand out from the competition. With the Homer app, you'll take your clients on a unique journey through the project.


Attractions in the vicinity

We pay attention to the smallest details. Our models realistically reproduce not only the building itself, but also its surroundings and attractions.


Apartment search engine

Thanks to our solutions, your clients will quickly find an object suited to their special requirements—size, price, number of rooms, etc.


Virtual walk

Take your clients on a walk around the neighborhood. Enjoy realistic graphics and experience how the finished property will look like.


Interactive model

The application allows for efficient switching between apartments, viewing additional building elements (cellars, garages, etc.).


Comparing apartments and e-mail marketing

Is it hard to make a choice? The Homer app will allow your clients to easily compare the most important features of apartments and choose the ones that suit them best.


Sales opportunities (CRM)

Thanks to the dynamic architecture of Homer, your main sales tools will be efficiently integrated with our application.

Let the clients
see your idea

The Homer app is a unique visualization tool. Realistic graphics, numerous customization options and an intuitive interface allow for creating detailed, interactive models and virtual experiences that your clients will remember.


Present on a big screen, computer or tablet

At the office, at a conference or during a visit at the client's office. Our application looks great on a multimedia table, computer and tablet. An interface designed with touch screens in mind makes it so that your client's dream home or office is literally at their fingertips.


Stand out thanks to interactive presentations

Our application will take your clients on a virtual walk. Its intuitive and extensive interface allows for viewing projects from various angles—see how it will look at any time of the day, explore the area and check every nook and cranny.


Customize the digital reality to match your project

Adapt the features of the application to the expectations of your clients and the needs of your business. Our models accurately visualize the surroundings of your project—from green areas, to public transport and interesting places in the area. Your clients can easily imagine that they live or work there.

Their trust in our solutions
allowed them to sell more


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