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Our goal is development

When working on projects for clients from around the world, we use state-of-the-art computers and software that changes the face of 3D visualization. The application we created is not only an amazing experience for customers, but also an effective sales tool. We don't like to stand still and we expand the boundaries of what is possible thanks to technology - for our clients and their clients, as well as ourselves.


What can Odyssey do?

See what applications our software has found in various industries.


For real estates

Present and sell projects before completing their construction. We will create a realistic and interactive visualization of your buildings that will allow customers to imagine their new home or office.


For marketing

Interest clients with the brand and the offer of your company using the VR application, interactive projects catalogs, clickable banners and realistic visualizations.


For reconstruction

Take your clients to non-existent cities or structures. Together, we will create a realistic visualization of what no longer exists, but returns to life on the screen of a touch table and in virtual reality.

We aren't afraid of challenges

The Homer app has been created with demanding, innovative projects in mind. Tell us about your idea, and we will make it real.

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An application created
for the sale of real estate


A new type of experience

Virtual reality and touch screens bring a new quality of interaction. Use these technologies to let your clients see the buildings.


Realistic 3D graphics

Our rich experience in the implementation of VR projects has taught us to achieve the best effects in the creation of three-dimensional graphics.


Branding promotion

Let your brand stand out from the competition. With the Homer app, you'll take your clients on a unique journey through the project.


Attractions in the vicinity

We pay attention to the smallest details. Our models realistically reproduce not only the building itself, but also its surroundings and attractions.


Apartment search engine

Thanks to our solutions, your clients will quickly find an object suited to their special requirements—size, price, number of rooms, etc.

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Coffee and snacks

Coffee gives us energy, and snacks provide us with strength. None of these things are missing in our studio. Odyssey crew members have at their disposal delicious sandwiches and a professional coffee express.

Who are we looking for?

Will you take the challenge?

Our crew members are real specialists in their fields. We work on demanding projects
and are happy to share knowledge. Join us and see
how much you can achieve.

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