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Liven up your portfolio

Show yourself in a new, better light. Interest your clients in the offer of your company using an interactive portfolio and realistic models that will help them imagine their new home, apartment or office.


Present the project to the client

Our application will take your clients on a virtual walk. Its intuitive and extensive interface allows for viewing projects from various angles—see how it will look at any time of the day, explore the area and check every nook and cranny.


Optimize and increase sales

Thanks to the dynamic architecture of the application and the built-in analysis module, your main sales tools will be efficiently integrated, gathering the information that's of utmost importance to you.


All projects
in one place

Homer is the successor to the traditional portfolio of projects and cardboard models. With Homer, you will surprise your clients and create a virtual, fully interactive portfolio in which you will present the most important features of your buildings and their surroundings.


More than an application

Thanks to the dynamically updated database of projects, your models are always available and ready for presentation on a large screen, tablet or in the browser of a computer.


Professional interior design

Let your clients feel at home and decorate the interiors of apartments according to any style, equipment and room layout. Scandinavian minimalism or art deco?


Customize the environment

The surrounding environment and location are one of the biggest advantages of projects and your clients know it well. Models designed in the Homer application accurately reflect the reality—from vacant parking spaces in garages to staircases and gardens on the roof.


A presentation which
stimulates the imagination.

Take your clients on a virtual journey. Watch how they revel in realistic graphics, explore the area, look out of the window, adjust the interior and compare offers—everything on the screen of a computer or tablet.


A new type of experience

Virtual reality and touch screens bring a new quality of interaction. Use these technologies to let your clients see the building as if it were standing directly in front of them. In a few seconds they will be transported to their future home or office, they will be able to see the area and choose the best offer for themselves.


Realistic 3D graphics

Our rich experience in the implementation of VR projects has taught us to achieve the best effects in the creation of three-dimensional graphics. Thanks to Homer and our skills, your project will look better than ever before.


Interactive model

The Homer application allows you to efficiently switch between apartments, adjust the style of their interiors, view additional building elements (cellars, garages, etc.), creating a comprehensive and detailed image of the object, which may one day become the home or office for your clients.


Attractions in the vicinity

We pay attention to the smallest details. Homer models are a realistic reproduction not only the building itself, its surroundings and nearby attractions, but also maps of places important to your clients: roads, shops, service outlets and playgrounds.


Apartment search engine

Thanks to our solutions, your clients will quickly find a place suited to their specific requirements—price, area, layout, availability and additional attributes (balcony, loggia).


Branding promotion

Let your brand stand out from the competition. With Homer, you will take your clients on a unique adventure in three dimensions, during which you will talk about the story of your brand or describe the details of your offer in an interesting and engaging way.


A real boon
to sales

Analyze the effectiveness of the sales staff, observe the behavior of the app's users and use professional video materials to promote your projects and reach interested clients.


Professional analytics at your fingertips

The Homer application has a proprietary analytics module, that will allow you to learn the habits of your clients, plan the strategy of promoting your project and increase the efficiency of the sales department.


Ready promotional materials

Based on the model in the application, we will prepare a set of professional video materials as well as 3D and panoramic visualizations that will help you promote your project in social media, on websites and industry blogs.


Always in touch with the client—Compliant with the GDPR

Is it hard to make a choice? The Homer app will allow your clients to easily compare the most important features of apartments and choose the ones that suit them best. Stay in touch with those interested thanks to the ability to receive notifications directly from the application.


Sales integration (CRM and CMS)

The Homer application is compatible with many CRM and CMS systems and exchanges data using the popular JSON and XML file formats. Your clients' data is secure—each data transfer is encrypted using the SSL protocol.


What can Odyssey do?

See what applications our software has found in various industries.


For real estates

Present and sell projects before completing their construction. We will create a realistic and interactive visualization of your buildings that will allow customers to imagine their new home or office.


For marketing

Interest clients with the brand and the offer of your company using the VR application, interactive projects catalogs, clickable banners and realistic visualizations.


For reconstruction

Take your clients to non-existent cities or structures. Together, we will create a realistic visualization of what no longer exists, but returns to life on the screen of a touch table and in virtual reality.

We aren't afraid of challenges

The Homer app has been created with demanding, innovative projects in mind. Tell us about your idea, and we will make it real.

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