Mota Engil – YANA

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Mota Engil
Mota Engil – YANA
Jana Kazimierza 35/37, Warszawa
Project Time

First realization for a client from Warsaw. Thanks to the applied solutions, sales increased by 15% in relation to the plans.
The history of the object

YANA's investment is located at the Wola district of Warsaw, one of the most dynamically developing districts. It is being erected at ul. Jana Kazimierza 35/37. Its closest surrounding includes vast green areas which feature the recently restored Park Szymańskiego, Park Sowińskiego, and Powstańców Warszawy.

Unique solutions

The mock-up constitutes an example of a project in terms of which the investment's surrounding is heavily different from the future development plans. Due to this, a unique solution consists in undertaken attempts to recreate the following surrounding not from current reality but to model it anew, solely based on the sparse information concerning its future image. The building's significant height results in a need to increase the scope of the investment's surrounding due to which the scope of modeling the not yet existing city plan becomes constantly vaster.

Sales opportunities

The project constitutes an example of a mock-up in terms of which we present the possibilities to show an investment in locations at which the entire neighborhood is not yet adjusted to present its visual attractiveness and sales values.



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