Unidevelopment - URSA HOME

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Unidevelopment - URSA HOME
Hennela 10, 02-495 Warszawa
Project Time

The project is entirely focused on mobile solutions. The main assumption was to build an interactive diorama for web browsers through which the sale is carried out together with the reservation of apartments.
The history of the object

A new housing development will be created directly by the already finished investments - Ursa Smart City and Ursa Park. In this part of the development it is planned to create a total of 341 apartments and 16 service facilities. 153 interiors can be purchased during the first stage of the investment. Some of them include gardens.

Unique solutions

The project constitutes an example of a parallel mock-up line designed for browsers. A unique solution for such a product consists in the ability to create highly optimized graphics designed for devices of recipients which are characterized by relatively low hardware efficiency. The task is additionally made more difficult in case of a multi-stage investment with a large plot area and the size of the considered surrounding, as in the case of URSA HOME.

Sales opportunities

Despite lowering the graphic quality and visual attractiveness of the mock-up (resulting in the need to optimize the project) a great sales value consists in the availability of the offer directly with the potential client, without the need to contact sales points. The product is adjusted to most mobile devices both in terms of the functioning speed as well as its responsiveness.



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