Nacarat - Dębowa

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Nacarat - Dębowa
aleja Dębowa 17/19, 53-110 Wrocław
Project Time

Unique architecture and beautiful location. Premium investments sell much faster through the use of an interactive model.
The history of the object

Aleja Dębowa 17-19 offers apartments from the higher and premium segment, standing out with their remarkable location, above average building architecture, area development, as well as favorable apartment functionality. The developer plans an execution of 41 apartments, 30 of which will be located in four, 3-floor high multi-family buildings. Nacarat will construct three houses with a total area of 1700 square meters, including 3-floor apartments.

Unique solutions

The project provided a unique opportunity to create a possibility to present an investment in which an individual apartment constitutes a significant part of the sole building, due to which the interactive visualization of the external parts is inseparable from showing the interiors. Additionally, the investment presents a unique and rarely seen architecture which cannot be included in any modeling systems which are used in terms of the typical architecture of Polish cities. The project proved the unlimited possibilities of presenting the difficult and unusual architectonic form. Additionally, it was possible to present the attractive space of the park surrounding. That way it was possible to efficiently include a remarkable number of graphics presenting plants - the urban and park trees as well as the low vegetation of the land development design. These are features which are remarkably difficult to be achieved in terms of interactive visualizations.

Sales opportunities

Presenting the uniqueness of the investment's architecture - the character of the external investment and building facades closely related with the structure and design of interiors. Presenting the floral values of the park surrounding in the heart of a large city.



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