PCG - Primera

PCG - Primera
ul. Maślicka, Wrocław
Project time:
February 2016

The fourth investment is already being carried out together with us. All sales of this client are based on our virtual reality solutions and interactive dioramas.

The history of the object

Primera is an investment of the PCG which is being created in the South-West part of Wrocław. A low-key project with large gardens, patios, and the high of apartments at 3 meters which is unseen in this popular segment. Additionally an underground garage hall and storage rooms for residents. The investment is being carried out at a dynamically developing neighborhood – Muchobór Wielki, ul Gagarina 5.

Unique solutions

The reconstruction of the surrounding city has been limited to the investment’s direct surrounding. Because the design is embedded in the surrounding buildings due to its density and height, a semitransparent and unobtrusive method of modeling buildings from the nearest surrounding has been used for the first time. In case of this project, for the first time photo-realistic plan outlines have not been used in an attempt to carry out a complete modeling of the urban groundwork. The biggest challenge consisted in the remaining historical architecture of the sole building. Focus was placed primarily on its precise modeling in order to bring out the interesting details invisible in case of traditional visualizations - attics and roof elements which in this case constitute one of the biggest attitudes of the building.

Sales opportunities

The mock-up provides for a unique possibility to present investment elements which are insufficiently presented in terms of traditional visualizations. These are elements of attics and roof patios. The mock-up can also distinguish and present the attractive elements of the investment's surrounding which in reality can seem unattractive in marketing and sales terms due to the constantly developing infrastructure of this part of the city.



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