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Interactive 3D model for this investment is the largest project created by us in Wroclaw. The range of the 3D Diorama is 10 per 10 km.

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The project is entirely focused on mobile solutions. The main assumption was to build an interactive diorama for web browsers through which the sale is carried out together with the reservation of apartments.

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First realization for a client from Warsaw. Thanks to the applied solutions, sales increased by 15% in relation to the plans.

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Unique architecture and beautiful location. Premium investments sell much faster through the use of an interactive model.

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The fourth investment is already being carried out together with us. All sales of this client are based on our virtual reality solutions and interactive dioramas.

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The urban revitalization of the factory district of Łódź required the presentation of a full concept of environmental development. The interactive diorama of Odyssey Crew fulfilled its task during the sale of flats.

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What can Odyssey do?

See what applications our software has found in various industries.

For real estates

Present and sell projects before completing their construction. We will create a realistic and interactive visualization of your buildings that will allow customers to imagine their new home or office.

For marketing

Interest clients with the brand and the offer of your company using the VR application, interactive projects catalogs, clickable banners and realistic visualizations.

For reconstruction

Take your clients to non-existent cities or structures. Together, we will create a realistic visualization of what no longer exists, but returns to life on the screen of a touch table and in virtual reality.

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The Homer app has been created with demanding, innovative projects in mind. Tell us about your idea, and we will make it real.
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